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“Prof. Tzvetan Lazarov” Bulgarian Defence Institute and “N.Y. Vaptsarov” Naval Academy have organized and hosted 50th ‘Applied Vehicle Technology’ Panel Business Meeting

The Bulgarian Defence Institute and the Varna Naval Academy have organized and hosted the 50th Applied Vehicle Technology Panel, the Science and Technology Organization’s expert Panel that addresses platform technologies for vehicles operating in all domains (land, sea, air, and space), held its very successful 50th Panel Business Meeting in the Bulgarian sea capitol Varna from 26-30 September 2022. During the 50th AVT Panel Business Week, AVT Committee Meetings, as well a large number of Technical and Exploratory Team meetings were held. In parallel to these activities, AVT 354 Research Workshop ‘Multi-fidelity methods for military vehicle design‘ and AVT-364 Research Workshop ‘Environmental Regulation on Energetic Systems and its Impact on Critical Munitions Materials and Capability‘ were held very successfully. In total, approximately 400 people attended throughout the week. Further developing AVT’s programme of work, the Panel and its committees discussed 28 new proposals, as well as exchanged on the progress of over 70 ongoing activities. For further information, please contact (AVT[at]cso[dot]nato[dot]int).