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Central Testing Laboratory of Logistic Properties


In 2012, the laboratory is accredited in accordance with Standard BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025 "General Requirements on the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories", by the "Bulgarian Accreditation Service" Executive Agency (EA BSA), through № 585/14.05.2012 г. and Certificate Reg. № 33 ЛИ/14.05.2012 г., valid till 31.05.2016 г.

After successful passing a planned control, the Central Testing Laboratory for Logistic Properties has been re-accredited and extended its accreditation with an order № A 186 / 28.04.2023, valid till 26.05.2024 and certificate Reg. № 33 ЛИ/ 28.04.2023., valid till 26.05.2024.

Today, the laboratory is functioning as a department of the "Testing and Control of Armaments, Equipment and Materials" Directorate to the Defence Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov”, aiming to perform tasks in tests scope (for which it has been accredited), as well as to perform some scientific research tasks.

Tests are being performed in two main directions:

  • Testing some products of external clients for technological needs or for delivery of contract logistic items;
  • Tests of ready-to-use end products and materials for a quality assessment, during the logistic items delivery process.

The main scope of activity of the Central Testing Laboratory for Logistic Properties relates to testing of logistic items and materials, as follows:


  • threads and yarns;
  • woven fabrics, non-woven and knitwear;
  • ready-to-use end products - knit and sewing, passemanterie products.


  • soft leather, fur leather;
  • stiff leather;
  • whole shoes and their components;
  • leather clothing, leather gloves.

Relations with customers/clients are being carried out through a contract and placing a Request for service by the customer.  In this Request must be accurately described the requirements upon the test conditions, methods and dead-lines. The requested activity will be valued according to the approved laboratory PRICE LIST, for which the applicant will be notified.

In case of appearance of some new circumstances during the tests, the Head of the Laboratory opportunely informs the client/customer on that. The laboratory is entitled to reject some tests, which could disrepute its activity.

Every real or potential client is able   to visit the laboratory, to get acquainted with the methods, techniques and test conditions. Customers can receive information, either verbally or in writing, from the Head of the Central Testing Laboratory of Logistic Properties (CTL of LP) or an authorized employee.

The tests results, conditions and methods are being reflected in a PROTOCOL.

The laboratory staff, including four chemist engineers and one technologist, is highly qualified, with a great professional experience. The qualification is being kept up through some qualification courses and individual elaborations.


Central Testing Laboratory of Logistic Properties

Dr. Eng. Krassa Kostova - Head of Laboratory

Office phones:    (+3592) 92 21 841; (+3592) 92 22463

Mobile:               (+359) 882 110 034

E-mail:       (cilti[at]abv[dot]bg)