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Dynamics, Ballistics and Flight Control of Aircraft

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Professional field: "Mechanical Engineering"

Field of higher education: 5 "Technical Sciences"

The doctoral program "Dynamics, ballistics and flight control of aircraft" provides the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, skills and professional competencies for the development and successful defence of a dissertation. The training is carried out in a regular and independent form of training with a duration of up to three years, and in part-time and by distance form of training with a duration of up to four years. Those who successfully defend their dissertations acquire the educational and scientific degree of "Doctor" in "Dynamics, ballistics and flight control of aircraft".

Objectives of the doctoral program:

• To train highly qualified specialists in the field of dynamics, ballistics and flight management of aircraft, with experience in carrying out independent scientific, research and teaching activities.

• To expand and deepen the general and professional competence of doctoral students in the field of dynamics, ballistics and flight management of aircraft.

• To acquire methodological experience in analyzing the results of scientific research and in preparing and substantiating recommendations related to the methodology for construction, improvement and specifics of the functioning of weapons, ammunition and means for individual ballistic protection (IBP).

• Development of models and algorithms for synthesizing optimal solutions for designing new and modernizing existing weapons, ammunition and IBP.

• Study of the possibilities and perspectives for using the modern information systems regarding the armament, ammunition and IBP for solving various tasks, both in the military and in the civilian field.

Scope of the doctoral program

The program covers an interdisciplinary scientific field located on the border between: design and construction of aircraft, impact dynamics, blasting techniques and technology, composite materials, information systems, informatics and computer science. It is characterized by in-depth knowledge of dynamics, ballistics, aircraft flight control, explosive technology, materials science, chemical technology, information systems, informatics and computer science. Uses the achievements of modern information technology for engineering calculations. It has a specific practical focus on security and defence.

This program ensures educational activities in the following research areas:

• strength and structural calculations of units and details for armaments, ammunition and means for individual ballistic protection;

• aerodynamic tests of known and theoretical developments for new aerodynamic, balsitic and structural profiles;

• modeling and simulations of ballistics - internal, intermediate, external and final, projectile action in the target - fragmentation, high explosive, cumulative, thermobaric, cassette, etc .;

• research and visualization of the work of new composite materials subjected to alternating loads, both in means of destruction and ballistic protection;


The successfully graduated doctoral student:

• possesses and uses specialized and systematized knowledge to perform critical analysis and to synthesize new ideas;

• has knowledge and skills to use scientific approaches to describe and build models of aircraft dynamics, ballistics and flight control;

• masters the methods of research in the field of dynamics, ballistics and flight control of aircraft;

• presents knowledge and understanding at the highest level not only in the field of aviation systems and technologies, informatics and computer science, but also in related scientific fields;

• has the skills to create and lead teams, to allocate time and manage human resources, to solve complex problems through new technological methods and tools;

• quickly finds, retrieves, organizes, synthesizes and evaluates the necessary information from various sources, whether detailed or scarce;

• has the skills to solve and overcome critical problems in the field of research and / or innovation, to improve standard models and approaches, to develop innovative solutions by combining various original strategies and technologies;

• knows methods and means, to anticipate changes and problems, to disregard the environment and to think innovatively, to develop and set a rational plan to bring new ideas for a fruitful end, to quickly acquire new qualities and skills, to anticipate technological and creative development, to write and present scientific and technical documents (scientific articles, abstracts, reports, figures, graphics, etc.).

Professional realization

Graduates of the doctoral program in "Dynamics, ballistics and flight control of aircraft" are specialists who are able to carry out independent research and innovative teaching activities in universities and research organizations in the field of aviation technology and ballistics. They can participate in procedures for growth in degree and habilitation procedures. Specialists with a scientific degree "Doctor" in the scientific specialty "Dynamics, ballistics and flight control of aircraft" are wanted and valued in a number of areas of public life as leading specialists in the specialized industry, defence structures and others.

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