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On October 2, 2020, within the XIV International Exhibition for Defense Equipment and Services "Hemus 2020 - Defense, Antiterrorism and Security", demonstration shootings were held at the Central Artillery Technical Test Range "Zmeyovo" (CATTR).

The demonstration shootings provided an excellent opportunity to present the mobility, functionality and firepower of the offered defence products and services of Bulgarian manufacturers: ARSENAL 2000 JSCo. (assault rifle AR-M5F41 and machine gun ARSENAL MG-M2), ARCUS JSCo. (23x153 mm HE-FRAG Incendiary Traser Round and 40х53 mm  and 30 mm FRAG Grenade), AHELOY OMP LTD. (120 mm Mortal bomb HCMM-120 and 120 mm Mortal bomb VDMM-120), VMZ EAD (WB-7V Round, TB-7V Round, KO-7VM Round, 122 mm HE-FRAG Round, 152 mm HE-FRAG Round and BULSPIK-AP), METALIKA-AB Corp. (BMP2M - deeply modernized version of BMP-2 and portable rocket launcher "Grad-P") and DUNARIT Corp. Demonstration of the possibilities was carried out by CATTP.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense, military headquarters, military diplomatic missions, foreign and Bulgarian companies participating in the exhibition watched the shootings.

Their successful implementation is a result of the excellent organization, established by the Institute of Defense "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” and CATTR  “Zmeyovo”.