XII-th International Scientific Conference: "Scientific research, innovation and industrial cooperation – a paradigm for adequate defence"

Interested authors are invited to submit an original contribution addressing (but not limited to) one or more of the following topics:

Session 1: „Innovation in security and defence”:

  • Иновации в отбранителни технологии и системи на НАТО;
  • Иновации за модернизация на Въоръжените сили.

Session 2: „Научни изследвания, технологии и системи за сигурност и отбрана”:

  • Armaments, battle systems and technologies;
  • Communication and information systems and technologies, cybersecurity;
  • Military-political, social and economic aspects of defence;
  • Energy efficiency in defence;
  • Defence of the forces (engineering, CBRNE anti-aircraft);
  • Logistics;
  • Medicine and health management.