Централна изпитвателна лаборатория за тилови имущества

„МАRTINDALE” - for determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method







„FX 3000 HIDROTESTER 3H” - for determining the resistance to water penetration









„STAINING TESTER” - Determination of the resistance of fabric dyes to dry and wet rubbing







Spectrophotometer OPTIZEN POP







STM 702 BALLY  - flex resistance of uppers and linings irrespective of leather materials







DYNAMOMETER SATRA - STM 466- physical and mechanical tests -- determination of tensile strength and percentage extension up to 3000N









 STM 469 - methods for outsoles. Abrasion resistance







Satra - Apparatus for determining the permeability of  leathers


















WASCATOR FOM 71 CLS LAB WASHER-EXTRACTOR, M223CL, Atlas- Standard washing machine








Q-SUN XE-2 H COLOUR FASTNESS TO ARTIFICIAL WEATHERING: -xenon arc fading lamp test for determining the effect on the color of textiles









STM 505 -Apparatus for determining the water resistance of finished shoes in dynamic conditions









 METRISO 1000 D - for testing the electrical conductivity and resistance of soles and shoes