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Central Laboratory for Measuring Devices

CENTRAL LABORATORY FOR MEASURING  DEVICES (CLMD) is established with Ministerial order № 00110/08.08.1970, as an independent unit and is authorized by the National Center of Metrology to carry out state verification of the measuring devices, used in the Bulgarian Army.

In 1998, in compliance with the requirements of the European legislation in the field of metrology, CLMD is accredited according standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General Requirements on the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories".

Today, CLMD is a part of the Defense Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov" and holds a Certificate of Accreditation № 7 LK (presented with Order № A 182 / 31.05.2018 by "The Bulgarian Accreditation Service" Executive Agency and valid till 31.05.2021), authorizing the laboratory to perform calibration of measuring devices in the following spheres:

  • measurement of electrical quantities;
  • measurement of radio-technical quantities;
  • measurement of linear dimensions;
  • measurement of positive and negative pressure.

This order specifies the exact range, in which CLMD is authorized to perform calibration of measuring devices in the spheres, mentioned above.

Depending on the service, required by the client, it should be to completed and submitted an CALIBRATION REQUEST and/or a VERIFICATION REQUEST, in which should be specified the client's/customer's requirements, the methods and calibration/verification deadlines.

The price of the fulfilled service is defined according to a price list, approved by the director of the institute and is payed through bank transfer.

After performance of the service, it is issued the CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE and/or VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE.

The issued inspection certificates are valid only for client's organization (company), who requested the inspection, regardless of Article 5 of the Low of the Measurements!

The verification certificates do not apply to the structures and bodies of "The Bulgarian Accreditation Service" Executive Agency.

Dear clients, in order to improve the quality of services, offered by us, you could express your opinion by filling in an INQUIRY CARD and sending it to the pointed address or e-mail.


Central Laboratory for Measuring Devices

Eng. PhD Nevena Radoeva - Head of Laboratory

Office phones:   (+3592) 92 21 843; (+3592) 92 21 393

Mobile:              (+359) 882 110 019

E-mail:      (clit_mo[at]abv[dot]bg)