Technologies for protection and control of radio controlled improvised explosive devices

1. Higher education: 5. Technical sciences

2. Professional field: 5.3 Communication and computer equipment

3. Doctoral program: Radiolocation and radio navigation

4. Form of training: part-time (military)

5. Applicant: Defense Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov"

6. Primary Unit: "Command, Control, Navigation, Sensor, Surveillance and Radioelectronics Systems"

7. Accepting structural unit: Development of C4I Systems Directorate

8. Actuality and Disserability of the Suggested Scientific Problem:

The experience of the modern wars and the actions of the Bulgarian military units carrying out peacekeeping missions abroad shows the increased danger of the use of radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (IUD) as an effective means of destroying live force and material losses.

Radioelectronic counteraction is one of the main elements used in neutralizing radio-controlled LVDs. The continued development of electronic equipment and technologies, the expanding spectrum of industrially available remote control devices, and the widening of the frequency ranges in which these devices operate, increase the spectrum of radio-controlled IUDs used. These realities pose serious challenges to the devices to neutralize them and require constant improvement and development.

For this purpose, technologies and techniques used for radio frequency jamming and developed models and techniques for radioelectronic countering will be explored on the basis of modern hardware and software solutions.

The expected results are related to the development of solutions for blocking radioactivity and enhancing the effectiveness of counteraction and protection against radio-controlled IEDs.