Security research of software mobile applications intended for use in MoD and BA

1. Field of higher education: 5. Technical sciences

2. Professional field: 5.3 Communication and computer equipment

3. Doctoral program: Information technology and cybersecurity

4. Form of education: part-time form (serviceman, civil servant or citizen outside the system of the Ministry of Defense, SPPMO and BA)

5. Relevance and dissertability of the proposed scientific problem:

The development of technology and in particular mobile devices has led to the possibility for more and more users to use mobile applications. Undoubtedly essay more and more activities are carried out through mobile devices. In this regard, the security of operating systems and applications for this type of device is of particular importance for the overall security of the infrastructure as a whole.

In recent years, we have witnessed the use of mobile devices as sources of attacks on world-renowned organizations and companies.

The entry of mobile devices into the daily life of every serviceman logically raises the question of the security of the user and the organization.

The main purpose of the dissertation research is to analyze the mobile devices available in the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces and in particular their software part. To identify gaps between different solutions and needs and to present models based on these technologies with applications in the military field.