Opportunities to protect communication systems from intentional high energy impact

1. Higher education: 5.Technical sciences

2. Professional field: 5.3 Communication and computer equipment

3. Doctoral program: Radio and radio equipment

4. Form of training: Part-time (officer, civil servant or citizen outside the system of the Ministry of Defense, SPAM and BA)

5. Applicant: Defense Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov"

6. Primary Unit: Command, Control, Navigation, Sensor, Surveillance and Radio Intelligence Systems Unit.

7. Accepting structural unit: Development of C4I Systems Directorate

8. Actuality and Disserability of the Suggested Scientific Problem:

Actuality and Disserability of the Suggested Problem: Together with the superiority of the land, airspace space and the sea, the importance of informational excellence is also of no less importance. It can only be provided with the help of systems that preserve their capabilities in deliberately high-energy environments.

The proposed topic is in the field of the most promising technologies meeting current requirements, according to the NATO R & T Organization Task Group - IST-067 / IST-083, namely: wireless technology development - software defined radio (SDR); Mobile Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET); use of Airborne Communication Node (ACN); dynamic reconfiguration of network services as needed - Service Level Agreement (SLA); IP-based Radio Resource Allocation (RRA); development of MIMO technologies - Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO); Information Security Technologies in Communications: Code-Hopping Code Division Multiple Access (CH-CDMA).

Need for development: This study will allow for the implementation of information systems that are resistant to the high energy impacts needed by the military formations in modern conditions to perform combat tasks and asymmetry of threats.

Priority of the proposed problem: High priority, with research and problem development, provides for the possibility of more sustainable transmission and reception of information in unfavorable conditions: high energy impacts and other factors impeding the operation of communication systems.

The results obtained will also contribute to more effective counter-action against high-energy weapons.

Specific application of the results: With the development of the topic, it is envisaged to implement modern approaches to exchange of information, taking into account the development of technologies and the organization of the operation of the communication systems under the conditions indicated.