Models and algorithms for testing of integrated defense information systems

1. Higher education: 5. Technical sciences

2. Professional field: 5.2 Electrical engineering, electronics and automation

3. Doctoral program: Automated systems for information processing and management.

4. Form of training: Part-time form (officer, civil servant or citizen outside the Ministry of Defense system, the structures of the direct subordination of the Minister of Defense / SPAM / and BA)

5. Applicant: Defense Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov"

6. Primary Unit: Communications and Information Systems and Information Protection Department

7. Accepting structural unit: Development of C4I Systems Directorate

8. Actuality and Disserability of the Suggested Scientific Problem:

The ever-increasing architectural complexity of software systems makes testing a very serious challenge for both developers and consumers. It is extremely important for consumers to make sure that the system is working according to the pre-defined requirements and expectations before going to its actual operation.

The main objective of the dissertation is to classify and analyze the existing approaches for functional testing of the integrated information systems, to identify their weaknesses in use in defense systems and to offer new improved models and algorithms applicable to the testing of integrated defense systems.