Efficiency of individual firearms with impact-triggering, allowing series shooting. Optimum length of the series

1. Higher education: 5. Technical sciences

2. Professional Field: 5.1 Mechanical Engineering

3. Doctoral program: Dynamics, Ballistics and Flight Management of Aircraft

4. Form of training: full-time (officer or citizen outside the system of the Ministry of Defense, SPAM and BA)

5. Applicant: Defense Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov"

6. Primary Unit: "Weapons and Ammunition"

7. Accepting structural unit: Directorate "Development of VTTIM"

8. Actuality and Disserability of the Suggested Problem:

According to information from psychologists, from the experience of the various military conflicts during this and the last century, the psychological state of soldiers in a real combat environment, especially during the first 6-8 months, is extremely tense, reaching a level of inadequate action. When fired, the fighter concentrates all his attention on his disguise, or on the convincing liquidation of the opposing adversary, in which he sees a death threat. All other issues remain a lot in the background. In such cases, the fighter pushes the trigger and shoots the target until it is unequivocally convinced that it is definitely liquidated.

The estimates show the following. Let's assume that the target is 300m, and with the first bullet she's struck. The sum of the times of:

-the field of this first bullet to the target;

-the average time of giving visible signs of the purpose of striking it;

-the average time of perceiving these signs, their understanding and decision-making by the shooter to stop firing,

represents a period of time between 6 and 9 rounds being fired by Kalashnikov. Ie. 5-8 cartridges are shot in vain. This can result in a very rapid expiration of the available ammunition and lack of such ammunition until the next submarine (from the tactics in the classic combat, the BM submarine is carried out 2-3 times a day). Therefore, there is a need for a weapon mechanism to stop without the innuendor of the innuendor firing after several shots, with which the thought of it returns to the weapon (need to release the trigger), a reassessment of the need to fire the already shot target - if necessary, by pressing the trigger again. Such a possibility is provided by a shooter-down mechanism allowing series shooting.

Recently, in modern individual firearms, striking and firing mechanisms have been clearly imposed, allowing firing of "single", "continuous" and "series" modes. What's more, Heckler and Koch have created the G11 with the 4.7-mm (and other) cartridges free of charge, which is available in a single-shot and 3-shot series. Ie. even a tendency towards SID without a "continuous shooting" mode appears.

The dissertation aims at carrying out in-depth scientific research to answer the following questions:

Is there a Persona Individual Shotgun with a Series Shooting Shot?

What is the optimal length of the series for weapons of varying caliber and should it be able to be changed by the fighter?

Is it possible, and is it economically feasible, that the individual firearms available in the Bulgarian Army - the Kalashnikov machine, be modernized with the aim of acquiring a firing regime?