Assessment of damage to cyber attacks against information systems and computer networks for security and defense

1. Higher education: 5. Technical sciences

2. Professional field: 5.2 Electrical engineering, electronics and automation

3. Doctoral program: Automated systems for information processing and management

4. Form of training: full-time (officer or citizen outside the system of the Ministry of Defense, SPAM and BA)

5. Applicant: Defense Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov"

6. Primary Unit: Communications and Information Systems and Information Protection Department

7. Accepting structural unit: Development of C4I Systems Directorate

8. Actuality and Disserability of the Suggested Problem:

The success of a military mission or business process is highly dependent on information and communication systems and technologies. These systems are an integral part of the modern elements that support the mission. Also one of the main directions is the use of ICT in cyberspace. The dependence on computerized information processing for weapons, intelligence, communications and logistics systems continues to increase and thus the vulnerability of the mission is directly dependent on various cyber threats.

Attacks on information and communication systems in cyberspace aim to disrupt or destroy the use of these systems. The result may also be the inability to complete and / or complete the mission. It is expected to increase the frequency and complexity of such incidents. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the technology and procedures to characterize the impact of cyber attacks on the mission. Such impact analysis must necessarily include a wide range of cyber activities, such as: detection of cyber attacks against mission support systems, damage assessment, commander impact, recovery from attack missions, decision-making how to respond to cyber attacks in a way that maximizes mission success. The research should focus on identifying good practices and scientific challenges, gaps and approaches - current and future - to assess the impact of cyber attacks on a mission. It is also necessary to clarify how these activities and related methods, techniques and technologies should support the impact assessment on the mission.